Success Story

  • akash singh

Life was difficult for Akash. Son of a watchman, Akash is a bright child. With diligence and dedication, Akash wants to weave a successful story for himself. "AKASH SINGH" is the only son to Santosh Singh. Santosh is amongst those fathers who will never like his son to be like him and follow his footsteps. With a meagre salary of 2000 Rs, Santosh and his wife were on a "one time meal in 2 days" to support their sons education. It was surely getting difficult for them to continue the education of their only son. Surviving on little food was leading to ample of health issues and weakness for the couple.

Nonetheless, Akash, TEAM AARDHVA is there to support you and your dreams. by supporting your education. May you shine forever Akash and when you do so, just pray that another unpriviliged child gets the support of AARDHVA and we manage to change yet another life.