The organization came into existence for two purposes

To support the education and overall living of the poor kids and help them to shine

To create no spit and no garbage zones starting from 1 km

We aim to achieve our goals firstly on the basis of three D’s which defines the working of TEAM AARDHVA….Dedication, Determination and Discipline. Secondly, its our valuable members who have supported us financially and enabled us to see dreams. Every drop of water contributes to the making of an ocean. Every penny that we receive from our contributors help us toachieve our set goals

The network is designed in such a way that no scope is left to misuse our funds at any level. Proper auditing, supervising and verification methods were implemented at all levels to ensure proper utilization of funds.

We select the children based on their financial status. We filter them based on their past performance, attendance and recommendations from school teachers and head master. We also talk to the parents or guardian of the children to asses their need.

Aardhva has designated volunteers and project director assigned to each project to monitor the progress of the children. Project meetings will be organized every month

We evaluate child's performance once in quarter. We expect a child to have 90% of attendance in school, get minimum 50% of marks in all exams and provide the report on her/his self development.

At Aardhva we do not want to show numbers…we want to show the quality. A student will continue to receive the grant as long as he/she wants to study. They must however for the same, prove themselves worthy of the grant. There is a set criteria of marks that theymust obtain to continue being funded

No the child not only receives grant from Aardhva. He gets your support, our love and the blessings of the entire community. In addition, we will also provide them some basic amenities, like admission to art classes, clothes, stationery and few other stuff as required.

There is never an age toeducation. If we as a Team find someone as bright and in need of funds to fulfil their dreams, we are there for them to help them shinning. All we want is to create difference in the lives of few and let the community at large know, that with little effort and the will to do, we can change the very scenario.

Who is a man? Who is a woman? Are we not one? We do not believe in gender unequality. At Aardhva we do not see anything but the flame, the desire and the anxiety to “Rise and Shine”

No we will not give the money directly to the child or the parent. Ehave our team members, who take the initiative of depositing the fees in the schools concerned and collect the receipt.

Yes, this is one thing which makes Aardhva different. Its not US who makes Aardhva. Its YOU who makes the organization. You have contributed towards the future of these kids and you will surely get the notifications on your mobiles and through our facebook pages about how the money that you have donated is being used.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. If you have the desire to be a part of Aardhva and be the reason for someones smile..its easy.

- all you need to do is to donate Re 1 per day (Rs 365 an year)

- talk to your friends and relatives and inspire them to do the same. If only each member can get five more members, the continued chain can create wonders. And we can really contribute towards the upliftment of the society at large

We say why not? Its your money. We are more than happy to let you know how your money is being used. After all its not for an year or two that we need your support for. We need it forever. We are more than happy to give you the videos, personal contact details of the child that you are sponsoring

There is never a limit when you want to do things out of heart. However, if you solely want to take the responsibility yof a student, please drop us an email at shweta@aardhva.com and we will get back to you within 24 hrs.

All the details that you require to draw a cheque in order to extend your help at AARDHVA is mentioned below

Beneficiary : AARDHVA

Bank Name : ICICI BANK

Branch : kankurgachi

A/C No : 104905001160

IFS Code : ICIC0001049

Yes you surely can give donations in kind. We are on our way to help the poor and needy children. When you give away something, just make sure that you do not hurt the sentiments of these kids with torn, tattered and dirty things.

A kind gesture can reach a wound that only compassion can heal. People who are willing to devote their time is what we look out for. Leave your name, email id and contact number on shweta@aardhva.com and we will get back to you in 24 hours.

Nothing compares to the joy of giving. You know it only when you do it. We also enlighten your efforts and your time with a certificate of merit.