How you can help

Anyone and everyone who lends a hand of support can make a huge difference in our mission ‘to change the lives of few” and create a cleaner and greener environment. In the vast country like India, there are millions who are waiting for “someone” who can help them. Why cant we be that “someone”. There are yetmillions who are waiting for a cleaner morning. Why cant we make that beginning to bring about a change.

“We cannot help everyone, but everyone can help someone”. If this is achieved this world will be a better place. Come forward and be a part of this noble cause and Help us change the face of world. Help us grow. Help us lift others. Help others because this is the master key to success.

You can do your part in helping Aardhva in the following ways without giving up your present work or living lifestyle:-

  • Be a member and donate Rs 1 per day (i.eRs 365 for an year)
  • No effort ever goes wasted. Do your part and try to inspire people to be a member at Aardhva and contribute Rs 365 towards helping the underprivileged children and creating a cleaner and healthier society
  • Volunteer in our awareness programmes
  • Sponsor a child completely and feel the joy that there is light in someone’s life because you lit a candle of “HOPE”
  • Pledge not to throw any garbage on the street no matter what and not spit on the streets
  • Inspire those in your immediate contact to not throw garbage and spit on streets