Success Story

  • Kashmira Khatun

This four year girl from a slum in Phoolbagan , Kolkata has not known what real education, books etc is all about. Going to a local government aided school, she has hardly attended any classes. However, three meetings of Aardhva members with her parents changed the thought process of the mother. She accepted, that she wants her kids to grow into respectable humans and not spend the rest of their lives on streets. We re delighted to announce, that from darwans to servants AARDHVA makes a mar kin picking up kids from local slums and give them life changing education facilities. Kashmira Khatun will be now going to an English medium school, completely funded and aided by AARDHVA members.

I do not have words to explain my gratitude and my thanks to my esteemed members, who have supported me to move forward and mark a change. Kashmira to you, we wish you an all the best. We want to see you growing up beautifully. You have to make your mother proud. In your journey we are there forever to aid you, support you and guide you to the right path.